How I View Things

by Enlightened Madness



This song began its life as a poem by Mark following a family reunion in Ohio. Mark wove together many of our discussions, ideas and thoughts from that trip into one dreamy cohesive piece. Since I had experienced these same feelings, thoughts and discussions I felt very motivated to capture this musically.



She never knew she was a dream,
dreaming her own past, from a future
where living symbols create aeons of being.

She never knew that the 
art she curated,

(the selfies and music)
 on the devices she thumbed,

echoed forward in space
but sideways through time.

Her essence shimmered,
mind unknowing,

with a side winder rattle,
 and the harem she somehow always wished

was her destiny,
*was* her destiny.

It was like a long journey 
in a boat full of sisters,

propelled by curved oars
 and the breath
 of sleeping giants.
It was fresh and new 
but old as well,

older than the soft pastels
 of the waves.

It’s good to have a glass again.
Drink from it deeply, my love,
and share your journey with your sensei,

your maker, your progeny.

Lick the foam from my lips.

I’d like to incline
 on the J of your spine.
That would be enough,
we said, that should be enough.


released November 23, 2015
Lyrics by Mark Mandel
Music by Daniel Mandel
Performed by Enlightened Madness

Artwork by Eddie Van W. - Collective Dreams



all rights reserved


Enlightened Madness Oakland

Enlightened Madness is the result of the long standing collaboration between Daniel Mandel's songwriting and S. Henry McCoy's vocal harmonies and vocal arrangements. Daniel and Henry have recently teamed up with Steve La Porta on drums and percussion as well as other Bay Area musicians. Daniel has also cowritten with some wonderful lyricists in the US and Internationally. ... more

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